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Stephanie Koo, Calgary Alberta, Miss Calgary 2008
"Being Miss Calgary 2008 keeps me so busy, I don't have time to go to the salon. With CREACLILP, I can maintain my bangs and look great for all my events!!!"
Kona Mann, Honolulu Hawaii, Father
"It’s fast, fun, and easy. As a father, the simple moments of joy and laughter my daughter and I share while using the CreaClip are amazing, and in the end, so is her hair."
Karen Rivera, Honolulu Hawaii, Internationally Renown Hula Dancer
"It was a tradition to have long hair while dancing Hula and we all used to cut each other hair straight across, I wish we had the CreaClip all those times of uneven hair cuts."
Tina Murphy, Honolulu Hawaii, Bank of Hawaii Vice President
"As a business woman a mother of three constantly on the go, it's hard for me to make time for something as trivial as cutting my bangs. The CreaClip makes it easy for me to do it myself-anytime, anywhere-and keeps my bangs in great shape until I see my hairstylist again. Thanks Mai for creating the CreaClip!."
Chelsea Clement, Honolulu Hawaii, Miss Hawaii Teen America
"The CreaClip is great, thanks for getting rid of my split ends! All the girls at dance class now have beautiful long hair!"
Bridgette Encinas, Arizona, Happy Customer!
"I am in LOVE with this product! My hair looks GREAT! I've already told many people and posted pictures on FACEBOOK. I'm so happy with the results, and thank you for all your help! Thanks!!
Rachel Butler, Happy Customer from Facebook!
"I just got my Creaclip this weekend and I LOVE IT! I can understand being leary about purchasing one, due to the fact that most products that are in that "as seen on TV" catagory usually dont work, but this one truely does what it says it does. It puts great precise layers into your hair, and works great on cutting bangs. I have very long hair, and it took me about 2 minutes to have great even layers. I LOVE this product and I would recommend it to everyone!"
Rebekah Fang, Germany, Facebook Fan
"Today I cut my bangs and I've never cut them so successfully until I had CreaClip. I'm so happy. Thank you so much. This product is just great and a lot of fun to use :-)."
Emma Doman, Happy MOM!
"AMAZING PRODUCT i got mine today and im shocked at how good it is as i have thick hair i was worried as all models seemed to have thin hair but after useing it im amazed will save me a fortune with 4 daughters brillaint only recently heard of this creaclip and brought one as soon as i found it having very young kids is hard to get to hair dressers this has saved my hair :)"
Lisa Morales, Happy Curly Hair Customer!
"I LOVE this!!! I just cut 3 inches off the back of my CURLY hair all by myself - and it's straight on!! I'm never going to a salon again!!"
Tamika Broussard-reed Happy Layers Customer!
"Today was the first time I layered my hair with Creaclip... I LOVE IT;) "