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Includes :
  • 1 small size for bangs
  • 1 large curved size for long hair & layers
£19.99, Shipping £3.95
2-3 business days
Welcome to CreaProducts we offer a variety of products that are design to empower the consumer! With the CreaClip you can now cut your own hair at home with professional results. For easy and precise cuts everytime! Great for cutting children's hair, trimming bangs, creating layers, or just maintaing a hairstyle between cuts- any time, any place! You don`t want to miss our award winning products and celebrity favorites. Be sure to check out our store to find the perfect item or gift to fit your needs!
Save time and Money for the Whole Family on Haircuts at Home!
"Being Miss Calgary 2008 keeps me so
busy, I don't have time to go to the salon.
With CREACLILP, I can maintain my
bangs and look great for all my events!!!"

Stephanie Koo, Calgary Alberta, Miss Calgary 2008

"It’s fast, fun, and easy. As a father, the
simple moments of joy and laughter my
daughter and I share while using the
CreaClip are amazing, and in the end,
so is her hair."

Kona Mann, Honolulu Hawaii, Father